Breezie Hedgebot
Race- Robot Hedgehog
Sex- None (Female By Design)
    Age- 0-1 (Apx)
    Family- Dr Ivo Robotnik (Creator)
    Groups- None

    Lovesick Sonic
    Sonic the Matchmaker
    Hero of the Year
    Breezie was created by Robotnik to get sonic into his trap but she ended up falling in love with him. Later she gets together with another Failed Bot of Robotnik's, 'Robotnik Jr'

    Notes Relating to the Character-
    * A character matching the same design as Breezie but different colours (Blonde with Gray skin) is seen at the start of 'BlackBot the Pirate'. She then is see to go off with a Muscle bond Grey Hedgehog looking like Sonic (when drawn with a lot of muscles).
    * When Tails goes to ask Breezie and Junior to come to Sonic's Party in 'Hero of the Year', They are leaving together in a house. Later, Wes Weasely introduces her as Breezie Hedgebot Robotnik, hinting that she and Junior may have gotten married between episodes, Or just giving her the name because he her Relation to Dr Robotnik.