The Sloth Family
Race- Sloth
Sex- 2 Male, 2 Female
Voical- Age- Unstated but Rocket is older then Tails
Family- Themselves
Groups- None

Slowwww Going
Hero of the Year
Sonically Ever After
The Sloth Family were a group of Sloths that Sonic saved and then they saved him when Robotnik invented his Slow-Mo ray. The Family is the Mother, The father, Rocket (Son) and the daughter. Rocket is the only one that talks and the only one that is given a name in the Episode and he is the fastest sloth on Mobius. Which doesn't really mean anything apart from the fact that he can be seen to move and often falls out of trees.

Notes Relating to the Character-
*Rocket appears alone in 'Hero of the Year'
*In 'Sonically Ever After', Rocket has a different sounding Voice but it is clearly him, also the sister talks. The Mother and Father don't appear