Miles ' Tails ' Prower
Race- Fox
Sex- Male
Voical- Age- 4 1/2 (Apx)
Family- Sonic (Adopted Big Brother)
Groups- None

When Tails was Young, he was abandoned or lost (fact unclear) he tried to find his own family. Since he knew he could fly he tried living with flying animals like birds. After being kicked out of the birds nest, he landed on Sonic. It was Sonic that told him that he was a Fox. Tails ended up hanging around with Sonic and he got the nickname 'Tails' because he had 2 Tails.

Notes Relating to the Character-
* Tails has said that he can't write because he is only 4 and a half yet he has been shown in other episodes to be writing pretty well
* While most sources do credit his full name 'Miles `Tails` Prower, as in the games, and his first name is stated as Miles, we never hear his surname in the show itself and since he doesn't know his parents (but knows his name) it's unknown if Prower is his surname in the show, but it seams likely.