Tails Parents
Race- Robots (In Fox Clothing)
Sex- None (Male & Female)
    Age- Unstated
    Groups- None

    Tails' New Home
    The Magnificent Sonic
    Sonic Christmas Blast
    When Sonic was looking for a new home for Tails, they though he had found Tail's real parents but it turned out they were a pair of Robots working for Robotnik.

    Notes Relating to the Character-
    * Surprisingly, the 'Husband' (in fox suit) appears in the background in the episode 'Magnificent Sonic'. We don't see him as a Robot, just the clearly 'fake' fox suit. Why he is shown here is unknown
    * In the Special 'Sonic Christmas Blast', a woman appears much like the Wife (In clearly fake Fox suit) is in the opening background scene.