Dr Robotnik
Race- Human
Sex- Male
Voical- Age- 40s
Family- Momma Robotnik (mother), Dr Warpnik (Brother)
Groups- None
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History wise, not too much is known (Like Sonic). What is known is that Robotnik trapped his Brother in the Zone of Silence and had his Mother put in a loony bin. When he was still in high school, he fancied a girl called Lucinda but she wasn't impressed with all his robot's and him and only had eyes for Lucas So Robotnik Captured Lucas, locking him up in his dungeon for 30 years until he was saved by Sonic. has always tried to take over the world but Sonic always got in the way. One day he got so fed up with this, he created his Super Sonic search and Smash Squad

Notes Relating to the Character-
* The Capturing of Lucas for 30 years helps explain Robotnik's real age since American 'high school' is about ages 14 to 18 Making Robotnik between 44 and 48 if we say 30 years to the day. Same goes for Lucas and Lucinda (who looks pretty good for 48 don't she?)