1x33 - Spaceman Sonic
Writer(s) Name:-
Bruce Shelly and Reed Shelly
First Aired:-
09 November 1993 (USA)
Episode Synopsis:-
Sonic and Tails are blasted into space whilst trying to prevent Robotnik from launching a Rocket towards a space station in orbit around Mobuis. When they arrive, they find the space station inhabited by a very hungry alien, who views them as the first fresh meat for some time.
Sonic Say Segment:-
"If you get a Cold, take care of yourself"
International Name~ Sonic spatial [French]
Characters In this episode
* Also Known as `Space Sonic`
* While on the Space Rocket, Scratch makes a refence to the games by saying there are near the Starlight Zone. While this is probably nothing to do with the game (The Zone wasn't in space), it seams to be yet another Sonic Game Refence.
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