1x59 - Tails' Tale
Writer(s) Name:-
Bruce Shelly and Reed Shelly
First Aired:-
01 December 1993 (USA)
Episode Synopsis:-
After Saving Captain William Le Duc, Tails notices Sonic has just disappeared and with the help of William and Professor Von Schlemmer, they have to find out where Sonic is and save him.
Sonic Say Segment:-
"Learn to use a Computer
International Name~ Le temple maudit [French]
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[Plot] - It is said that if you don’t leave the temple by dawn, you will be trapped in there forever. Because of the place being intangable (as Tails, Le Duc and Von Schlemmer each walk where there should be the temple) then Sonic, Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder must have entered the night before. Therefore, they have stayed over night and so should all be trapped. The Curse must be wrong, but no-one seams to think of this leading to a Plot hole.
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