1x63 - Sonic is Running
Writer(s) Name:-
Doug Molitor
First Aired:-
23 November 1993 (USA)
Episode Synopsis:-
Mamma Robotnik is fed up with Robotnik being good for nothing and gets him to run for President. To make sure he wins, they get Con-man Wes Weasely to be there campaign manger and within no time, everyone loves Robotnik!
Sonic Say Segment:-
"Remember to Brush your Teeth"
International Name~ La course aux élections [French]
Characters In this episode
* REFENCE in Bert's Dinner, there is a human looking guy wearing red with a blue cape that has a Red and Yellow Shield with an S on it. This is clearly a parody of Superman. Next to him is a guy in brown with a black head mask (with two little pointed ears) and a Yellow cape. This one is clearly Batman.
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