Sonic & Knuckles Cover
Sonic & Knuckles
Michael Teitelbaum
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Troll Associates, Inc.
No. Pages
64 (3-64 Numbered)
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$2.95 U.S., $4.25 CAN.
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Beware the Chaos Emeralds!
Whoever fins the magical emeralds can control Mobius once and for all. So, naturally, the evil Dr. Robotnik wants to steal them.
The pecous stones have a guardian - a mysterious creature named Knuckles. But Robotnik has just tricked Knuckles into believing that Sonic The Hedgehog wants to steal the emeradls for himself.
In this thrilling story, Sonic Meets Knuckles for the first time. Will they become friends - or enemies? And who will gain control of the Chaos Emeralds?
Sonic gazed at the terrifying vision of Robotnik and his super weapon. Freedom Fighters suddenly rushed at Robotnik from all sides. Some of the Freedom Fighters were Sonic's friends; other he didn't know. But none of them stood a chance against Robotnik and his incredibly powerful weapon.
Freedom Fighters fell left and right. The green beams fired so swiftly that no one had any time to think or react.