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Stay Sonic
Mike Pattenden
Official Handbook
Fantail (Part of the Penguin Group)
No. Pages
96 (1-91 numbered)
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He Travels at the Speed of Sonic.
His Spikes are Blue.
His Sneakers are Red.
He is Sonic The Hedgehog

But what else do you know? Sonic hasn't always been blue and Robotnik used to be called Dr Kintobor. There was a time when Mobius, Sonic's planet, was peaceful, but then Robotnik went beserko - and the rest is history.
So if you want the scam on Sonic, Robotnik, the Badniks and all the rest - hang around. Plus there are amazing tips on Sonic II Master System and MegaDrive, so you can take on Robotnik and get those chaos emeralds.
It's here. Now, Everything you wanted to know about Sonic, but you didn't know how to ask.
Hey! Don't believe we've met. (You were probably moving too slowly). You know my Name, Sonic- Sonic the Hedgehog, and I thought I'd set the record straight on a few things before we go any further. So hang around for a millisec.

When the folks at Sega asked me what i thought about doing a book, I said "You expect me to hang up my red sneakers and take up writing? No way!" They said, "But all these people out there want to know where you come from, what you do when you're not out collecting rings, or running 'em round Robotnik, they want to know the thoughts of 'Chairman Sonic' and the inside line on your Sonic Powers." So i told them OK - I'll do it - but you get it writen - I'll just introduce it. So here goes:-
This is a basic but not too bad Handbook for Sonic featuing information on the characters, story background, Tips for Sonic 2 on Megadrive and Master System, Badnik list, Celebritie Sonic fans, level run downs and a bit more. It is also intrested to note that this came out Before they did the Adventure game books.
some bits by are writen by Tony Takoushi and James Wallis