Adventure Gamebook 1- Metal City Mayhem Cover
Adventure Gamebook 1- Metal City Mayhem
James Wallis
Adventure GameBook
Fantail (Part of the Penguin Group)
Back Cover Teaser
Have you got what it takes?
Mobius is under threat from the deranged Robotnik. The demented inventor is busy on a master plan building mega-robots. Only you and Sonic can stop him.

Using your skill, speed and agility, you can help Sonic save the day. But Think fast and move quickly, Sonic doesn't ang about and there's no time to waste. The future of mobius depends on you!
Sonic looks at the controls. He can't figure them out, but he presses a few buttons anyway. Suddenly all the spikes down his back stand on end and he is bathed in a weird purple light from the device on the ceiling. A second later it switches off - and five new Sonics step out from the compartments around the room, eyeing each other warily.

Sonic looks at them. Three of them look just like him, and it's a really strange feeling, seeing someone who looks and moves just like you, but one of the others is made of silver and another is made of bronze. The other Sonics spot this at the same moment the real Sonic does, and they all leap into Super-Sonic spin attacks. Within seconds the two robot impostors are junk on the floor, and there are four Sonics left. Sonic can attack one of the other impostors (turn to 169), he can tell the others he's the real Sonic the Hedgehog (turn to 242), or he can ask if any of them has a keycard for the door (turn to 208).