Adventure Gamebook 2- Zone Rangers Cover
Adventure Gamebook 2- Zone Rangers
James Wallis
Adventure GameBook
Fantail (Part of the Penguin Group)
Back Cover Teaser
All Zones on nightmare Alert
Robotnik is turning all the zones into a living nightmare of pollution and destruction. His Mobius mega trash plan can only be stopped by Sonic, Tails and you!

You have to use all your speed, skill and wits to help Sonic save the day. But time is of the essences, as mobius is decaying with every second. Are you ready for the challenge?
Sonic scratches his head. 'Search for two chaos Emeralds in a city this size?' he says. 'You're an optimist.'

His attention is caught by an eerie glow coming from one of the towers. It is taller than the others and not as richly decorated. The strange Blue-green light is flooding from the windows and spreading out across the city. There's something peculiar about it, and it gives Sonic an uncomfortable prickling sensation down his spine. He look out of the page and catches your eye.

'I take it back,' he says. 'It took me three or four seconds to find them. But i'm not sure i want to get too close.' If you think Sonic should go towards the tower, turn to 34. If he sneaks thought the shadows towards the gates, turn to 154, or if he sprints to the gates, turn to 289.