Adventure Gamebook 3- Sonic Vs Zonic Cover
Adventure Gamebook 3- Sonic Vs Zonic
Nigel Gross and Jon Sutherland
Adventure GameBook
Fantail (Part of the Penguin Group)
Back Cover Teaser
What's Wrong with Sonic?
The Green Hill Zone is under attack from a new enemy. Reports come in of a fast-moving blue creature bashing everything in sight. Surely this can't be Sonic? Or as Robotnik cooked up another monstrous plan to crack the blue wonder?

It's up to you to find out. Use your speed, skill and agility in this Part-story, Part-Game adventure. But think fast and move quickly - Only the best can keep up with Sonic.
After a few minutes' walk, the cavern first closes into a small passageway and then opens out again to the outside world. Light streams in and for a few moments our heroes have to squint against the bright light. There is a smell too, exhaust fumes, garbage, and wall of noise.

'Welcome to the Metropolis Zone, old Friend,' Says Sonic.

'It's so nice to be back.' Sonic's voice is heavy with sarcasm.

In the distance, they can see the jagged skyline of Metropolis - Home of Robotnik! hopefully, it would also hold the secret of Zonic as well, since there was now little doubt that the two must be connected. It's still quite a long way to the city. Will Sonic and Tails set off immediately (Turn to 143), or will they investigate the strange-looking pole sticking out of the ground a few metres away (Turn to 44)?