Adventure Gamebook 4- The Zone Zapper Cover
Adventure Gamebook 4- The Zone Zapper
Nigel Gross and Jon Sutherland
Adventure GameBook
Fantail (Part of the Penguin Group)
No. Pages
192 (Only 7-10 numbered, Incluedes Spacer Pages)
Oringal Price
Back Cover Teaser
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Robotnik.
It's not unusual for Robotnik to go round messing up the Green Hill Zone. This time, however, he's built a brand-new machine, which turns everything good into bad - even Tails! Sonic faces the fight of his life with his best friends. Will they survive and will he?

Think fast and act quickly - Sonic's going to need all the help he can get!
Tails just about manages to reach the flying machine with a tremendous lep, but Robotnik is too fast! With a brilliant manoeuvre, he swips at Tails with the end of the Reality Inversion Beam weapon. The beam hits Tails on the ankle and sens him tumbling. Before he hits the grond, the beam engulfs him. Sonic looks on in horror as Tails begins to stiffen. Then, as the beam plays over the rest of his body,he slowly transforms into a gnashing and gibbering Badnik.

'Tails...' screams Sonic. He realizess that it is already too late to save his pal. The newly created Tailsnik falls gently to the ground and starts to hobble towards Sonic. The beam hasn't sufficient power to mend Tails' damaged ankle. This will give Sonic enought time to make his getaway. With tears forming in his eyes at the loss of his friend, Sonic whizzes out of range of the beam. He can only look on as Robotnik continues to wreck the Green Hill Zone with his new Weapon.
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