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Where's Sonic Now?
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Get smart - It's Trouble!
The Coolest Blue dude is back in town! Sonic the Hedgehog is hiding out on Angel Island and only sharp thinkers stand a chance of finding him

Sonic's best friend Tails, his arch-enemy Dr Robotnik and his fiendish opponent Knuckles can also be found in every amazing zone. But even then the hunt's not over, so start searching if you dare...

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"Slow down, Dudes, It's me, Sonic the Speediest , snappiest superhero of them all. There's loads of fantastic fun to be found in this baffling, bodacious book and if you hang on tight, I'll take you with me for the supercoolest search of your life! You've got to find all the items shown below on each page, but look sharp or I'll leave you WAY behind!"
Based on the Levels from Sonic 3 (MegaDrive)
Levels Are: Test Zone, Angel Island Zone 1, Zone 2, Azure Lake Zone, Hydro City Zone 1, Zone 2, Balloon Park Zone, Marble Garden Zone, Chrome Gadget Zone, Carnival Night Zone, Desert Palace Zone, Ice Cap Zone, Endless Mine Zone, Launch Base Zone 1 & Zone 2.

Though it is fairy common for this kind of book to have the 'odd' mistake in what badniks on which level, this books seams to have more then others in the series. 'Angel Island Zone 1 & 2' feature Choppers from Sonic 2, All 2-Player levels have a mix of Badniks from the game (due to lack of Badniks in them levels). Ice Cap also features a 'Unknown' Badnik. Due to the nature of books such as this, it is possible this was a badnik removed from the game. It mostly appears in Ice cap and on the Ice Cap Zone logo so it was probbly removed from this level. The Badnik appears to be a spring like robot, in ice cap badnik colours (Silver/White and Blue). Looks very simpler to the 'Jet caps' from Oil Ocean (Sonic 2). The Back text also seams to call the Floating island 'Angel Island', something which was true for the Japanese storyline, but not the western.