Nack the weasel [Fang the Sniper]
Race- Weasel (Wolf)
Nationally- Unknown

First Apperance- Sonic & Tails 2 (Game Gear)- 1994
Creator- Touma
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Nack the Weasel is an treasure hunter, interested in what ever riches he can get. When he first appeared, Nack was after the Chaos Emeralds, unaware of there true power. He believed that they would be worth a lot of money and went head-to-head with both Sonic and Tails to get them. Normally seen with his Air bike, the Marvellous Queen, Nack took more of an easy way to get money by entering a Race, up against many others. At some point, he found a Chaos Emerald and was in the championship fight to see who would fight Robotnik to stop the Death Egg.

Nack the Weasel was never shown to be a villain in the original 3 games he was in, but he was given the role of game villain. Nack was a lot more of a pest, much like Knuckles, then a true villain and his role in the championship would confirm this. Nack the Weasel was in 3 games. Out of these three, he wasn`t playable in Sonic Triple Trouble but was in both Sonic Drift 2 (Sonic Drift Racing) and Sonic Championship.
* Fang is said to be a Weasel, in which case he seams be the Long-Tailed weasel, as many of his moves in Sonic the Fighters make use of his long tail. The Long-Tailed weasel `Mustela Frenata` is found mostly in Southern Canada, Most of the US, all the way to Mexico and the northern parts of South America.
* There is also a lot of talk that Fang`s creator meant him to be a Wolf, this is confirmed one of the game manuals (But not Sonic & Tails 2) which means it is unknown why SOA & SOE decided he was a Weasel.
* In Sonic Drift 2, Fang drives `The Marvelous Queen` Vehicle
Sonic & Tails 2 [AKA Sonic Triple Trouble] [GameGear]
Sonic X-Treme [Saturn]
Sonic the Fighters [Saturn]
Sonic The Fighters [Arcade]
Total Game Apperances: 4