Bean the Dynamite
Race- Duck
Nationally- Unknown

First Apperance- Sonic the Fighters (Model 2 Arcade Machine)- 1996
Creator- Masahiro Sugiyama (?)
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Not Much is known about Bean. He is a Duck that owned a Chaos Emerald and therefore took part in the Championship to see which Hero would fly up to Robotnik`s New Death Egg and defeat him. Bean has good control over bombs and uses them as his main weapon, thus earning him the name `Bean the Dynamite`.
* While Bean looks a lot like Ducks `Bin` (A Blue Duck) and `Pin` (A Red Duck) from the 1988 Arcade game `Dynamite Dux`. However, there is no confirmed link between the two.
* Bean makes a Two appearances outside of Sonic, one as a unlockable fighter in `Fighters MegaMix`, along with other characters from different Sega Fighting Games, and in the one Football game.
Sonic the Fighters [Saturn]
Sonic The Fighters [Arcade]
Total Game Apperances: 2