Bark the Polar Bear
Race- Polar Bear
Nationally- Antarctica (?)

First Apperance- Sonic the Fighters (Model 2 Arcade Machine)- 1996
Creator- Masahiro Sugiyama (?)
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Like Bean, very little is known about Bark. Bark is a polar bear that seams to live in an Antarctic region and has a Chaos Emerald. Using his stills and love of Boxing, he was put into the championship to see which hero would try to stop Robotnik and his new Death Egg.
* While Polar Bears are from the Antarctic area and Barks level is there in STF, we cannot confirm that is his home location because Knuckles` level is the Green Hill Zone, which is not his home, nor are Sonic and Tails in their home zones (Giant Wing and Canyon Cruise respective).
Sonic the Fighters [Saturn]
Sonic The Fighters [Arcade]
Total Game Apperances: 2