Miles ` Tails ` Prower
Race- Fox
Age- 8
Nationally- Cocoa Islander (JP) / South Islander (Western)
Height- 55.91 cm (1 Foot 10 inches) Approx [Source: Size Sheet]

First Apperance- Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (MD)- 1992
Creator- Yasushi Yamaguchi (Judy Totoya)
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Miles Prower has been a Fan of Sonic`s ever since he was a baby, He loved nothing more then following his hero, trying to keep up. Every so often, Sonic would show off and change to super speed but Tails leant that be whirling around his twin tails, he can catch up pretty well. Because of his mutation, everyone calls him `Tails`, and he really doesn`t mind, he is proud of his two tails and what he can do with them. One day, when sonic was showing off some spins and tricks, Tails started to whirl around his tails and not only could he pretty much keep up with Sonic, but he could spin dash like him too! This skill proved useful as Dr Robotnik returned and captured all of the animals and even Tails. After saving his fox buddy, Sonic and Tails lead a joint attack on Robotnik`s New space station, the Death Egg and defeated it.

Since then, Tails helps out Sonic as much as possible on his missions to stop Robotnik and save the world. After a while, Tails wanted a little brake and found a small island to stay on, he called his `Tails Island`, but it wasn`t long before the island was attacked, due to some hidden Chaos emeralds. After that adventure was over, he returned to help Sonic again and again.

Tails has shown himself to be a good help against Robotnik, though not as fast as Sonic, he has been able to learn some tricks and can even fly Sonic around when Sonic needs help, either by twisting around his tails or flying Sonic`s plane, the Tornado. Tails has also taken an interest in machines and has been able to both patch up old machines and build new ones. However, Robotnik doesn`t see him as much of a threat, and when he created Robot counterparts to beat Sonic & Knuckles, he didn`t bother as much on the robot counterpart for Tails and gave it no combat ability.
Miles Prower, `Tails` to his friends, used to live on the small island of Cocoa while he enjoyed toying around with machines, even making himself a small Robot likeness which could transform into his very own private Sub. One day, he was on West Side island when he saw Sonic`s Bi-plane land and decided to follow and watch this strange blue hedgehog. After being able to stay out of the way of Sonic, Sonic learns about Tails from the animals living on the island. One afternoon, Tails is investigating the tornado while Sonic sleeps on the wings when Dr Eggman attacks so, with his new friend, Sonic takes off to deal with Eggman.

Since then, Tails has followed Sonic on his adventures and helped him as he can, but he has even proven himself on his own when being attacked by Witchcart and his allies. When Eggman created a new Death Egg, Tails was able to make a rocket that would take one animal up to stop him. Tails even took part in the contest to gather the chaos emeralds needed to power it and decide who was the best to use the rocket and try to stop Eggman.
* If you go via the Sonic Jam Profile (which seams correct) Tails` Strong Points are he can fly with his Tails & his Driving of vehicles and Flying of Aircraft, his weak points are unknown, he likes Mint Candy and Machine Maintenance and he dislikes Thunder.
* In Sonic Drift drives `MTP-01 Whirlwind` Racing Car and the updated `MTP-02 Whilrwind S7` in Sonic Drift 2. His Car in Sonic`s GameWorld looks like it`s either the MTP-01 or MTP-02.
Voiced by-
* Unknown in `Sonic`s Gameworld`
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Total Game Apperances: 42