Metal Sonic
Race- Robot Hedgehog (Advance Badnik)
Age- N/A
Nationally- N/A
Height- 76.54 cm (2 Feet 6 inches) Approx [Source: Metal Sonic Bio]

First Apperance- Sonic The Hedgehog CD (MCD)- 1993
Creator- Kazuyuki Hoshino
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Created to be a Match for Sonic, Metal Sonic was a major part of Dr Robotnik`s plan to take over the Little Planet, and then Mobius, but despite all his tricks and speed, he wasn`t a match for the real Sonic who was able to beat him in a one-on-one race, leading to Metal Sonic seamanly being destroyed. But this was not the end, as Robotnik repaired him and used him to take over Floating island. again, this failed and afterwards, he again proved he was not up to beating Sonic when Robotnik got hold of one of the Chaos Emeralds and was looking for the other Chaos Emeralds. Metal Sonic was then put as guard of the new Death Egg when Robotnik rebuild it to have his revenge, but again failed. When Robotnik used the Race cover to search for Emeralds, Metal Sonic was brought in to find the emeralds and stop Sonic.

Metal Sonic has had an interesting history in the games since, even thought he was created to be an equal to Sonic, he has rarely been giving the chance to go head to head with Sonic. While he has appeared in a few games, Sonic CD, Sonic Triple Trouble, Knuckles Chaotix, he has only been playable in Sonic Drift 2 and Sonic R. In this games, his stats are very much the same as Sonic`s.
* At the Start of Sonic The Fighters, Metal Sonic is shown with some Space Armour on. The Game files refer to this as `Rocket Metal`. It is unknown why he wears this suit as at the end of the game, Metal Sonic appears to be able to travel in Space without it. While some people have taken to the idea that is is a Different Metal Sonic, this doesn`t appear to be the case
* The Red `Metal Sonic` in Chaotix appears to be a Robot controlled by via Metal Sonic or Robotnik (Probably much like the way Metal Sonic uses the Traps) more then a Super Version of Metal Sonic.
* Metal Sonic appears to be the same height as Sonic, and the Sonic CD Japanese Manual says his height is about 2 and a half feet (765.4mm)
* In Sonic Drift 2, Metal Sonic drives `The Blue Devil` Racing Car
Sonic The Hedgehog CD [MegaDrive]
Chaotix [AKA Knuckles IN Chaotix] [MegaDrive]
Sonic & Tails 2 [AKA Sonic Triple Trouble] [GameGear]
Sonic Drift 2 [AKA Sonic Drift Racing] [GameGear]
Sonic R [Saturn]
Sonic X-Treme [Saturn]
Sonic the Fighters [Saturn]
Sonic The Fighters [Arcade]
Sonic The Hedgehog CD [PC]
Sonic R [PC]
Total Game Apperances: 10