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Chaotix [AKA Knuckles IN Chaotix] title Screen
Chaotix [AKA Knuckles IN Chaotix] US CaseChaotix [AKA Knuckles IN Chaotix] UK CaseChaotix [AKA Knuckles IN Chaotix] JP Case
Chaotix [AKA Knuckles IN Chaotix]
Japan-21 April 1995
Europe-? May 1995
United States-20 April 1995
2D Platformer
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Knuckles the Echidna
Mighty the Armadillo
Charmy Bee
Espio the Chameleon
Vector the Crocodile
Dr Robotnik [Dr Eggman]
Metal Sonic
Several months after the events of Sonic & Knuckles, an earthquake triggered by the Master Emerald Pillar disrupts the peace and dredges up a new island from the sea floor of the southern ocean. This mysterious new island morphs rapidly and drastically from a barren rock into a lush paradise. Naturally, this bizarre transformation piques the curiosity of self-proclaimed Emerald guardian Knuckles, who suspects that ruins from the lost echidna civilization surfaced with the island, and that something there is amplifying the power of the Master Emerald Pillar. The man in red heads off to investigate, but he's one step behind a certain egg-shaped scientist...

While investigating the mysterious island, Dr. Eggman discovers a tiny ring engraved with ancient writing, confirming that the island was indeed part of the lost civilization. More interestingly, he discovers ancient Special Rings on the island. The physical space occupied by these Rings has miraculously filled with crystallized Emerald energy, forming six powerful Chaos Rings. Information garnered from analysing these Chaos Rings can be used to summon the Master Emerald, so Eggman quickly erects a new fortress right on the mysterious island: the Newtrogic High Zone.

By the time Knuckles arrives on the scene, Eggman's plan is already in full swing. He has succeeded in crystallizing Ring energy to form artificial Dark Rings which he uses to power his robot army, including the newly rebuilt Metal Sonic. Furthermore, the nefarious Doc has invented a machine capable of freezing space-time, and has already used the device on would-be dissenters Mighty the Armadillo, Vector the Crocodile, and Charmy Bee. Espio the Chameleon is next in line for the freeze treatment, but is rescued in the nick of time by a fashionably late Knuckles, who has figured out that he can release one ally at a time using Ring Power. With Rings in hand, Knuckles and Espio infiltrate the Newtrogic High Zone to squash Eggman's latest ambition.
From:- Japanese Manual (Translated)
European & American
Carnival Island's in Chaos!
Tomorrow's the big opening day for Carnival Island, a huge amusement resort with the latest in high-tech rides and games. As guardian of the island, it's Knuckles' job to make sure nothing goes wrong before the grand event.

Unfortunately, the evil Dr. Robotnik has other plans. He needs fuel for his latest diabolical devices, and the Power Emerald that supplies electricity to the entire island fits the bill perfectly. His awful new invention, the Combi Confiner, should help him get rid of that annoying echidna and his friends.

When Knuckles returns from patrolling the far end of the island, he discovers that Dr. Robotnik has imprisoned all of his friends- Espio the Chameleon, Mighty the Armadillo, Vector the Crocodile and Charmy Bee. After he chases the Doctor off, Knuckles discovers that he can rescue one friend at a time by using Ring Power... only the power that sparks between the Rings holds the two partners together like a magical rubber band. Never held back for long, Knuckles finds that with a little teamwork, he can use the stretching and snapping action of the Ring Power to double-even triple- the partners' speed.

And they need all the speed they can get. As Dr. Robotnik drains the power from Carnival Island, everything on the island begins to break down! Robotnik must be stopped, or by tomorrow morning- the morning of Carnival Island's big opening day- the grand amusement park will lie in ruins!
From:- UK & US Manuals
Each Level is cut up into 5 Acts.
1) Isolated Island
1) Isolated Island
2) Botanic Base
2) Botanic Base
3) Speed Slider
3) Speed Slider
4) Marina Madness
4) Marina Madness
5) Techno Tower
5) Techno Tower
6) Amazing Arena
6) Amazing Arena
Special Stage
Special Stage
Bonus Stage
Bonus Stage
Badniks & Enemys (Mouse over for Information)
Boss Guide
Amy Rose- To See Amy's small appearance in the game go to the options menu on the main screen and then select 'Colour Test'. When the Colour test loads, you will see a dull screen full of numbers and basic colour bars. The numbers on the left side are selectable in sets of three and at the top of the left screen, you will see a 3 digit number. Use 'A' to select the first of the select of three Numbers, 'B' to select the second and 'C' to select the third, along with the Left and right direction to change the numbers (to change to another set of numbers, use up and down with no key press). Change the first set of third digits into '00', '00' & '00'. Move to the second set and change it to '06', '0B' & '11'. Then Change the third set to '00','08','17'. The 4 digit number at the top should read '0117'. Press Start and return to the main menu. Now go to the Sound Test (just above where you entered the Colour Test) and you will see a little Cute Amy Rose Dancing saying 'Cool, Sweet & Catchy!'.

Stage Select- On the Colour Test (see above to get there and use it) Change the first number set to '06','0B' & '11'. Then Move to the Second set and change them into '04','00' & '04'. The 4 Digit Number should then read 1004. Return to the Title screen and below 'Options' you will see 'Stage Select'. Here you can select the Areas, Levels, Time of Day, Character & Combi-Character. (********** is a Buggy Knuckles using the Palette for Mighty).

Level Panning- With the Stage Select Debug mode on, pause the game and you will see the Location numbers. use the Direction pad to move the character around the level and hold either A,B or C to move around faster.
Level Codes- Other then the normal levels, you can use the Stage Select to go to other level bits of the game. Change the Area to 'World Entrance' and change the level to level 1 and you will start on the Metal Sonic Fight. If you change the level to 2 (on World Entrance) you will change to the Big Metal Boss fight. If you change Area to 'Not Used' and set level to 0 you will be able to view the Bad Ending credits.

* Was Playable VIA the 32X Add-on
* The group name 'Chaotix' was more fan added as the group are not shown as a group in the game and the title 'Chaotix' is a play on the word 'Chaotic', which can be used to describe the new style of game play found in the game.
The Lost Features
Knuckles' Ringstar
From Early ProtoTypes of the final game, there is a Completely Different Intro Screen. This shows a 3D Rendering of Robotnik's Theme Park where the game is set. There were Two tests of this intro which either had the SEGA Logo appear from being small to big, then in first one, the background turned to black leaving the SEGA Logo, and in version 2, the Sega Logo flys towards the screen getting bigger as in final game. It is not known why this was changed to the star field shown in the game. At this same stage, which was very early into production, the Game was working until the title 'Knuckles Ringstar'.
Holy Rings!
Instead of being called the Chaos Rings, early Versions of Chaotix had the Rings called 'The Holy Rings' and the text saying you had gotten one was a bit smaller.
Featuring Espio?
Now this is a bit confusing. A number of early images from Chaotix seam to have Espio as the main one, and not Knuckles. This image from the title screen showings the 'Featuring' line as 'Featuring Espio the Chameleon' and a shot from the start of act screen has Espio's name on top instead of Knuckles.
Even more Espio?!
This just makes the Espio bit a little more confusing. As said above, this is an start of act screen which has Espio's name on top, seaming given him the title role (something which might be confirmed by him returning in Sonic the Fighters) but it seams a little hard to believe as this shot is from before Chaotix got its name, and as you can just about see, still has the name 'Knuckles' Ring star' which says it was already set to be a Knuckles game. If there was ever a plan to highlight Espio as a new star, it seams to have been made around the time the game changed from Knuckles Ring Star, to Chaotix. Maybe given a reason for the change in name.
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