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Sonic The Hedgehog 3 title Screen
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 US CaseSonic The Hedgehog 3 UK CaseSonic The Hedgehog 3 JP Case
Sonic The Hedgehog 3
Sonic Team & SEGA Technical Institute
Japan-27 May 1994
Europe-24 Febuary 1994
United States-2 Febuary 1994
2D Platformer
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Sonic The Hedgehog
Miles ` Tails ` Prower
Knuckles the Echidna
Dr Robotnik [Dr Eggman]
Super Sonic
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Sonic's Adventure Continues
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 takes place on the mysterious Floating Island which holds many special powers. The source of these powers are the Chaos Emeralds. In Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic and Tails thought that they had destroyed the Death Egg, which was Dr. Robotnik's heavily armoured ship. Instead, Dr. Robotnik managed to crash land on the Floating Island. After learning that the island is able to float in the sky by harnessing the power of the emeralds, the Doc decides to steal the emeralds so he can repair his Death Egg ship.

To obtain the emeralds, Dr. Robotnik tricks Knuckles, the guardian of the Floating Island's Chaos Emeralds. He also tells Knuckles that Sonic and Tails are the ones trying to steal the emeralds.

Between battling the new types of Badniks and trying to outsmart Knuckles, Sonic and Tails have their work cut out for them once they arrive on the Floating Island and search for Dr. Robotnik.
From:- UK & US Manuals
The story begins immediately following the events of Sonic 2: after being knocked out of the sky by Sonic and Tails, the fallen Death Egg plummets toward the surface of the planet. In its wild descent, the plunging fortress enters a tremendous cloud and collides with a hidden floating island. The force of the impact pushes the island out of the sky and into the surface of the ocean, triggering a massive tsunami.

Several days later, some distance from the impacted island, Tails is busying himself with his latest invention: a jewel radar for detecting Chaos Emeralds. To the young fox's surprise, the radar suddenly begins picking up very strong signals from the ocean. If the readings are accurate, the signals must be emanating from an impossibly large and powerful Emerald. Tails speculates that this mysterious beremerald might have something to do with the tsunami he witnessed a few days earlier...

Meanwhile, on another part of the beach, Sonic is enjoying a seaside nap when a tiny ring with mysterious engravings washes up on the shore. Sonic investigates the strange ring and recalls a legend he once heard of a great civilization that built its society around the "stone of power". The civilization flourished until a faction of elders, driven by greed, attempted to utilize the "stone of power" for their own designs. They inadvertently unleashed a force greater than they could control, resulting in the collapse of their entire society. The race was forgotten until years later, when the gods descended from heaven and restored a portion of the civilization to a small island - the legendary Angel Island, which floats in the air as a result of the energy emitted by the "stone of power". Excited by the prospect of a new adventure, Sonic and Tails hop aboard the Tornado and set out in the direction of the powerful Emerald readings.

As soon as the fallen island is in sight, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and dashes onto the shore. His flight to the island's interior, however, is cut short by an ambush from a mysterious red echidna. The assailant knocks the seven Chaos Emeralds clean out of Super Sonic's grasp, and quickly collects the scattered jewels before the now plain blue Sonic can get to his feet. With a condescending scoff, the red stranger escapes with his prize, leaving Sonic and Tails to piece together the mystery of the island and the unprovoked attack.

It's a normal sunny day on Angel Island as the island's guardian performs a routine patrol of the Chaos Emerald altar. Knuckles the Echidna, last surviving member of the lost civilization that once dominated the island, is shocked as the seven Chaos Emeralds rise from their pedestals and begin violently oscillating in mid-air. With a blinding flash and a sharp noise, the Emeralds knock Knuckles away. The last thing he remembers is hovering off the ground, as though his body is weightless. When he regains consciousness, Knuckles finds that he has been thrown some distance from the altar. He is horrified to discover that the ancient structure has been badly damaged and the Chaos Emeralds have disappeared. Dazed and confused, Knuckles surveys the island and immediately notices the fallen Death Egg near a lake. Not knowing the ship's true origin, he assumes that the giant egg is related to the dragon mentioned in the legends of his people. Its appearance is an omen of catastrophe for the island...

Knuckles immediately begins conducting a fruitless search for the missing Emeralds. His investigation leads him into the forest, where he encounters a strange man. The moustached stranger introduces himself as Dr. Eggman, a scientist conducting research on the giant egg. He explains that there is an evil hedgehog named Sonic who is interfering with his study, and who is after the Chaos Emeralds. The well-meaning but hopelessly gullible Knuckles falls for Eggman's lie and immediately sets out to stop Sonic and recover the "stolen" Emeralds.
From:- Japanese Manual (Translated)
Each Level is cut up into 2 Acts With a Mini-Boss fight at the end of Act 1 and the Main Boss Fight at the End of Act 2
1) Angel Island Zone
1) Angel Island Zone
2) HydroCity Zone
2) HydroCity Zone
3) Marble Garden Zone
3) Marble Garden Zone
4) Carnival Night Zone
4) Carnival Night Zone
5) Ice Cap Zone
5) Ice Cap Zone
6) Launch Base Zone
6) Launch Base Zone
2P-1) Azure Lake
2P-1) Azure Lake
2P-2) Balloon Park
2P-2) Balloon Park
2P-3) Chrome Gadget
2P-3) Chrome Gadget
2P-4) Desert Palace
2P-4) Desert Palace
2P-5) Endless Mine
2P-5) Endless Mine
Special Stage
Special Stage
Bonus Stage
Bonus Stage
Badniks & Enemys (Mouse over for Information)
Boss Guide
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Don't Kiss Just Talk
Level Section- Wait till the SEGA Logo runs and Sonic starts to appear on the screen. Quickly Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up and Up. Remember to do this VERY Quickly. If it has worked, you will hear a noise. On the Main Title screen, if you move down a 'Sound Test'. Enter that and you can level Select.
Game Genie Codes
RegionCheat NameCode
AmericanInfinite Time (SNK Lock-On Only)HXRT-AA6A
AmericanKeep Shields when Hit (SNK Lock-On Only)96BA-CAG6
AmericanKeep Shields when Hit (SNK Lock-On Only)98MA-CAF0
AmericanKeep Rings between Levels (SNK Lock-On Only)AKVT-AA76
AmericanKeep Rings between Levels (SNK Lock-On Only)AMNA-EA24
AmericanInfinite Time on Power Sneakers (SNK Lock-On Only)ATGT-CA3Y
AmericanSonic Always Double Jumps (SNK Lock-On Only)RENT-C6YA
AmericanSonic Always uses FireDash (SNK Lock-On Only)RENT-C6V6
American1 Blue Sphere to get Emerald (SNK Lock-On Only)RGSA-A6YY
AmericanSonic Jumps as high as Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)AANA-CNA0
AmericanHigh Jump for Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)4ANA-CRA0
AmericanSuper Jump for Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)2ANA-CWA0
AmericanMega Jump for Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)AANA-C4A0
AmericanOrbital Jump for Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)AANA-DYA0
AmericanKnuckles jumps as High as Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)TB5T-CNCR
AmericanHigh Jump for Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)PV5T-CRCR
AmericanSuper Jump for Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)AB5T-CWCR
AmericanMega Jump for Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)AB5T-C2CR
AmericanOrbital Jump for Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)AB5T-DTCR
AmericanRings Worth 2 in Special Stage (SNK Lock-On Only)ALNA-AACR
AmericanRings Worth 3 in Special Stage (SNK Lock-On Only)ARNA-AACR
AmericanRings Worth 4 in Special Stage (SNK Lock-On Only)AWNA-AACR
AmericanRings Worth 5 in Special Stage (SNK Lock-On Only)A0NA-AACR
AmericanRings Worth 10 in Special Stage (SNK Lock-On Only)BLNA-AACR
American6 Emeralds to become Super Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)A2NT-CAG6
American5 Emeralds to become Super Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)AYNT-CAG6
American4 Emeralds to become Super Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)ATNT-CAG6
American3 Emeralds to become Super Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)ANNT-CAG6
American2 Emeralds to become Super Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)AJNT-CAG6
American1 Emerald to become Super Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)AENT-CAG6
AmericanNo Emeralds to become Super Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)AANT-CAG6
American100 Rings to turn Super Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)NTNT-CAHL
American40 Rings to turn Super Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)FANT-CAHL
American25 Rings to turn Super Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)DENT-CAHL
American10 Rings to turn Super Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)BJNT-CAHL
American1 Ring to Become Super Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)AENT-CAHL
AmericanNo Emeralds to become Hyper Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)AANT-CAGY
AmericanNo Emeralds to become Hyper Sonic (SNK Lock-On Only)AAPA-CAB8
AmericanNo Ring Loss as Super/Hyper (SNK Lock-On Only)NTPT-CA50
AmericanEvery StarPost activates Bonus Stage (SNK Lock-On Only)RHJA-E60L
AmericanAlways Slot Machine Stage (SNK Lock-On Only)BXLA-EA5G
AmericanAlways Glowing Spheres Stage (SNK Lock-On Only)A5LA-EA5G
American6 Emeralds to become Super Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)A36A-CACW
American5 Emeralds to become Super Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)AZ6A-CACW
American4 Emeralds to become Super Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)AV6A-CACW
American3 Emeralds to become Super Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)AP6A-CACW
American2 Emeralds to become Super Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)AK6A-CACW
American1 Emerald to become Super Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)AF6A-CACW
AmericanNo Emeralds to Become Super Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)AB6A-CACW
American100 Rings to turn Super Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)NV6A-CADA
American40 Rings to turn Super Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)FB6A-CADA
American25 Rings to turn Super Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)DF6A-CADA
American10 Rings to turn Super Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)BK6A-CADA
American1 Ring to Become Super Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)AF6A-CADA
AmericanNo Emeralds to Become Hyper Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)AB6A-CACL
AmericanNo Emeralds to Become Hyper Knuckles (SNK Lock-On Only)AB6A-CAHR
AmericanInfinite Air (SNK Lock-On Only)ACCT-CA2R
AmericanNo Ring loss AWHA-CA92
AmericanRings Worth 2 SCGT-DJYL
AmericanRings Worth 3 SCGT-DNYL
AmericanRings Worth 4 SCGT-DTYL
AmericanRings Worth 5 SCGT-DYYL
AmericanRings Worth 6 SCGT-D2YL
AmericanRings Worth 7 SCGT-D6YL
AmericanRings Worth 8 SCGT-DAYL
American75 Rings for Extra Life KRGT-CAE0
American50 Rings for Extra Life GLGT-CAE0
American30 Rings for Extra Life D4GT-CAE0
American20 Rings for Extra Life CWGT-CAE0
American10 Rings for Extra Life BLGT-CAE0
American2 Lives for 100 Rings HCGT-DJZY
American3 Lives for 100 Rings HCGT-DNZY
American4 Lives for 100 Rings HCGT-DTZY
American5 Lives for 100 Rings HCGT-DYZY
American6 Lives for 100 Rings HCGT-D2ZY
American7 Lives for 100 Rings HCGT-D6ZY
American8 Lives for 100 Rings HCGT-DAZY
AmericanRing Boxes Worth 0 AC5A-CAHN
AmericanRing Boxes Worth 5 A05A-CAHN
AmericanRing Boxes Worth 15 B85A-CAHN
AmericanRing Boxes Worth 20 CW5A-CAHN
AmericanRing Boxes Worth 25 DG5A-CAHN
AmericanRing Boxes Worth 30 D45A-CAHN
AmericanRing Boxes Worth 50 GL5A-CAHN
AmericanRing Boxes Worth 100 NW5A-CAHN
AmericanSuper Sonic Doesn't Lose Rings AJZA-CA8N
AmericanInfinite Lives AJ3A-CA7A
AmericanStart with 1 Life AG4T-AAH4
AmericanStart with 2 Lives AL4T-AAH4
AmericanStart with 5 Lives A04T-AAH4
AmericanStart with 10 Lives BL4T-AAH4
AmericanStart with 25 Lives DG4T-AAH4
AmericanStart with 50 Lives GL4T-AAH4
AmericanStart with 99 Lives NR4T-AAH4
AmericanShield can be activated Multiple times ACAT-CAB6
AmericanInvincibility Power-Up lasts forever AJRT-CA8R
AmericanInvincibility Power-Up lasts twice as long 986A-CAB6
AmericanInvincibility Power-Up lasts half the time KR6A-CAB6
AmericanInvincibility Power-Up lasts quarter the time E06A-CAB6
American6 Emeralds to become Super Sonic SCFT-BJT4
American4 Emeralds to become Super Sonic SCFT-BNT4
American3 Emeralds to become Super Sonic SCFT-BTT4
American2 Emeralds to become Super Sonic SCFT-B2T4
AmericanBlue Spheres Worth X Needs to be used After one of the following codesA4GA-A28T
AmericanBlue Spheres Worth 2 Needs to be used just before Blue Spheres Worth X codeSCGA-BL0N
AmericanBlue Spheres Worth 3 Needs to be used just before Blue Spheres Worth X codeSCGA-BR0N
AmericanBlue Spheres Worth 4 Needs to be used just before Blue Spheres Worth X codeSCGA-BW0N
AmericanBlue Spheres Worth 5 Needs to be used just before Blue Spheres Worth X codeSCGA-B00N
AmericanBlue Spheres Worth 6 Needs to be used just before Blue Spheres Worth X codeSCGA-B40N
AmericanBlue Spheres Worth 7 Needs to be used just before Blue Spheres Worth X codeSCGA-B80N
AmericanBlue Spheres Worth 8 Needs to be used just before Blue Spheres Worth X codeSCGA-BC0N
American1 Blue Sphere to get Emerald ACGA-AA8T
AmericanHigh Jump TAYA-CRB6
AmericanSuper Jump AAYA-CWB6
AmericanMega Jump AAYA-C0B6
AmericanInfinite Air ATST-CA38
* Due to time and size, some levels were removed from Sonic 3 and put into Sonic and Knuckles
Other Releases
Release date:- 1994
Area:- Australia
Company:- Sega
* Sega Platinum Collection release
The Lost Features
Surf's Up!
Via Hacking the Sonic 3 ROM, fans have found artwork showing Sonic on a surf board. The story goes that it seamed the Original intro was going to be Sonic riding to the Island on a Surfboard. There he carries on with the level. The First Meeting with Knuckles thus happens at the end of the first level. It is unknown how much of this is true but it appears to be the case from a couple of beta Screenshots. A Fan hack has restored this original opening to as close as possible at this time. ScreenShot is from 'Hack' Restored intro.
Level Cut!
Due to time and the Amount of space on a ROM Cart, It was not possible to place all of Sonic 3 on to the cartage. A Quick job was done to remove some of the levels and reintroduce them (in a different order) as 'Sonic 3 Part Two', or 'Sonic And Knuckles' as it became known. A Number of changes were done for the SnK version (including featuring Knuckles as Playable) but the Original Level order can be found via the Sonic 3 Level Selection. It shows off a Sonic 2 Style level selection, showing it is in fact the Sonic 2 Engine, and even has the place holder Art work from Sonic 2 (Including 'Deleted' levels) It appears this was never meant to be an gamer cheat but a debug tool, thus the appearance of the Special zones and Bonus games. Using this Order, it is pretty easy to see how the levels would tie in. The cannon blast at the end of Carnival Night would throw you up to the Flying Battery, you will fall from that into the IceCap zone etc.. It is a bit Unclear as to Launch base onwards but it would appear that Sonic would have a chance to finish off Robotnik After stopping his Death Egg.
No Boarding Allowed!
An Image printed in STC shows the Snowboarding Intro for Ice Cap Act 1 BUT without the Snowboard. Sonic is just running down the hill. I would guess that this is linked to the early level setup Or maybe the removed intro. Maybe after removing the surfing intro, the team really wanted to stick something of it in, and did so with ice cap? doubt it... but possible.
Old time Sloping
A number of early 'beta' Sonic 3 images were printed in STC at different times. Most of them don't have much of interest (other then the Running down the hill) but this one is a bit more then the others. As you can see from this and the above, Sonic was still using the Sonic 2 Sprite. This isn't anything new, the thing that singles this image out is that the slope is all wrong. This is clearly near the start of the level (first RhinoBot) and on the Retail version of the game, the bottom bit of the slope isn't there (it slopes just under tails tail and goes flat). Tails also (by the way) is the Sonic 2 Sprite
Sonic & Ray?
It Seams Sonic was very busy in 1993. An article printed in STC issue 5 talks about the large number of Sonic related stuff on it's way. Not only is Sonic Spinball, 'CD Sonic' (later known as Sonic CD and two more games there are two new pals for Sonic. His girlfriend Amy Rose and.... Ray? An Early issue said bout Sonic's Arcade game which stars him and his new pal Ray (no word about Mighty at that time) but it appears that Ray is going to return in Sonic 3! But Tails will still be around (though probably not for that game)... In a way, the lettering of the Article gives the impression that maybe he was planned but mostly seams to be saying there are new characters (and a Tails replacement) in the game.. it turned out only to be Knuckles. They say it's only a rumour and it's unknown how far this rumour went. Maybe there were plans to have Ray in the game, but it is pretty doubtful. So we have to make do with my mock-up image.. Ray Sprite by Manic Man.
Sonic 3 Chopper?
The Ladybird released puzzle book 'Where's Sonic Now' features a few things that might be removed features, since most of the time these books are made with stuff given from the company themselves. It is only about 25% trustworthy but still. The first two 'puzzle pages' are Angel Island Zone 1 and 2 (Act 1 and 2 that should be) and are fairly right to the level apart from two details. The first is more Water really and the other is a badnik that looks a lot like Sonic 2's Chopper. Now, it is possible (and maybe likely) that a Chopper was planed for that level but it was felt it didn't really go well thus was removed. This is fairly likely and has happened in the past. Sonic 2 was to feature the Snail bot (an Upgrade from the Motobug) but it was removed. It DID, however feature things like the Grounder that was an upgrade from the Burrow Bot, so it's possible that there was an idea to do a Chopper based Badnik in this game but removed it.
I Change my Socks!
If you look at the Knuckles Sprite from Sonic 3 when he is an Enemy and compare it to when he is playable you notice something. As pictured, when you compare the sprites, you notice Knuckles 'rims' on his Sneakers are in fact Yellow in the original and Green in the Final one. This seams to be a quick mistake as if you notice the final one still has one spot of Yellow where it wasn't changed fully. Never really a big mystery but for anyone that wondered about that spot, here is the answer. For Some reason, Knuckles shade was also changed from Pink to Red. Though this appears to have been done pretty early on, the Enemy version of Knuckles still has this problem in the final version.
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