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Sonic Labyrinth title Screen
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Sonic Labyrinth
SEGA of Europe
Japan-17 November 1995
Europe-? September 1995
United States-? November 1995
3D Puzzle
Sonic The Hedgehog
Dr Robotnik [Dr Eggman]
While storming in his headquarters one day, Dr. Eggman is struck by the granddaddy of all "duh" moments: if Sonic were somehow deprived of his speed, he would no longer be an obstacle to world conquest. With this brilliant notion, Eggman gleefully begins R&D on a new invention...

Later that very day, Sonic awakens from his afternoon nap and slips on his red sneakers as usual. Only something doesn't feel quite right: the shoes are abnormally heavy. So heavy, in fact, that Sonic quickly discovers he cannot run or jump. Struggle as he might, Sonic is unable to remove the freaky footwear, but upon closer examination notices Eggman's insignia on the bottom. Cursing his carelessness, Sonic's attention is drawn to the booming laughter of Dr. Eggman, who proudly explains that his new Speed Down Boots can only be removed with Chaos Emerald power, the same power that created them. And the Emeralds are all hidden away in Eggman's new stronghold, the great labyrinth, an obstacle course Sonic cannot possibly hope to navigate without his trademark speed. South Island suddenly echoes with the sound of large machines: construction has already begun on Eggmanland, the bad Doc's new base of operations.

Now our hedgehog hero finds himself in a difficult situation. Tails had departed on his own solo journey some days prior, so there are no sidekicks around to save the day. Running and jumping are impossible... but not rolling! Equipped with nothing but his trademark spin, Sonic enters Eggman's great labyrinth to take back the Chaos Emeralds and his namesake speed.
From:- Japanese Manual (Translated)
Each level has 3 Acts
1) Labyrinth of the Sky
1) Labyrinth of the Sky
2) Labyrinth of the Sea
2) Labyrinth of the Sea
3) Labyrinth of the Factory
3) Labyrinth of the Factory
4) Labyrinth of the Castle
4) Labyrinth of the Castle
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