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Sonic 3D [AKA Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic 3D Flicky's Island] title Screen
Sonic 3D [AKA Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic 3D Flicky's Island] US CaseSonic 3D [AKA Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic 3D Flicky's Island] UK CaseSonic 3D [AKA Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic 3D Flicky's Island] JP Case
Sonic 3D [AKA Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic 3D Flicky's Island]
Travellers Tales
Japan-15 October 1999
Europe-? Febuary 1997
United States-? November 1996
3D Platformer
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Japanese Manuel
Sonic The Hedgehog
Miles ` Tails ` Prower
Knuckles the Echidna
Dr Robotnik [Dr Eggman]
European & American
Flicky Island Under Siege!
Sonic and his friends are off to visit the mysterious Flicky Island. According to legend, the island contains precious gems — among them the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic must find the Flickies, mysterious little birds who hold the key to finding the gems. Flickies are rarely seen, and it is said that their existence is tied closely to the location of the Chaos Emeralds.

Meanwhile, Dr. Robotnik has hatched a new scheme. His target this time is Flicky Island. He has detected the presence of the Chaos Emeralds on the island. Upon arriving there, Robotnik immediately starts setting up intruder defences, and begins building the robots he loves so much. But Robotnik needs to find the Flickies to place inside his machines. Suddenly, in the distance he sees a bright shining Dimension Ring appear. A flock of Flickies fly out of the ring, perch on a tree branch, pick up some food, and then disappear into the Dimension Ring. “So they live in another dimension, do they? Hah! I’ve found out the secret of the Flickies!”

The Flickies travel freely between dimensions using the Dimension Rings! Without wasting any time, Robotnik develops a new device: the Dimension Ring Generator. He captures Flickies from the Flicky Dimension using his new device, and begins turning them into robots. Later on, Sonic and his friends arrive at Flicky Island, and find the place in pandemonium.

Sonic sees the crazed doctor busily placing the Flickies into his robot shells. “Robotnik!” Sonic yells.

“Sonic? Again? Well, no matter. With the robots I’ve created using the Flickies, you’ll never be able to stop me! At last I’ll be free to find all the Chaos Emeralds and rule the world!” Sonic realises that he must save the Flickies by freeing them from their robotic prisons and sending them back into the Flicky dimension. More importantly, Robotnik must not be allowed to find the Chaos Emeralds first. Time to go, Sonic!
From:- UK & US Manuals
While scouring the ocean with a reconnaissance satellite, Dr. Eggman detects the presence of the seven Chaos Emeralds on the mysterious Flicky Island, a small oasis named after the colourful Flicky birds often seen in its jungles. Upon his arrival, however, Eggman is surprised to find no trace of the namesake birds. Just as he's wondering if he's landed on the wrong island by mistake, the Doc's eye is drawn to a sparkle in the distance: a Big Ring materializes from thin air, and a flock of Flickies emerges from its centre. The birds gorge on nuts and berries before disappearing back into the Ring. With this chance observation, Eggman determines that the Flickies are able to warp through space by using Big Rings as dimensional gates. With this knowledge, the moustachedvillain excitedly begins construction of a Big Ring generator: as Flickies begin popping through the artificially created gates, they're captured one-by-one and transformed into robot slaves.

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, unaware of Eggman's ambition, arrive on Flicky Island after hearing of the Chaos Emerald legend. The trio are shocked to discover the island in pandemonium, but fortunately, the Emeralds yet remain hidden from the iniquitous Eggman. Sonic sets off to locate the gems and free the hapless Flickies.
From:- Japanese Manual (Translated)
Each Level is cut up into 3 Acts, each with about 3 parts to them. Act 3 is the Boss Fight
1) Green Grove Zone
1) Green Grove Zone
2) Rusty Ruin Zone
2) Rusty Ruin Zone
3) Spring Stadium Zone
3) Spring Stadium Zone
4) Diamond Dust Zone
4) Diamond Dust Zone
5) Volcano Valley Zone
5) Volcano Valley Zone
6) Gene Gadget Zone
6) Gene Gadget Zone
7) Panic Puppet Zone
7) Panic Puppet Zone
Special Stage
Special Stage
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* This was a port of the MegaDrive version but they improved the graphics with more detail and a whole new Special stage along with other small changes.
The Lost Features
Big Hedgehog in town
This image appears to be an early Beta for Sonic 3D, though which version of Sonic 3D is probably open to some debate. It appears very much like one of the Rings and locations in Green Grove but there are a number of differences. The first of which is the whole level appears to have been scaled down as Sonic appears much bigger in this image then in the final game. This image seams to make it appear Sonic didn't go thought the Ring as part of the flicky drop-off, nor does he seam able to go though the 'trap door'. The Pillars also appear much more basic in detail then the final version. Sonic's sprite seams completely different from the final version too. Flickies appear to look different but it is a little hard to tell, the interesting bit about them is Sonic is running away while this seam to be going though the ring portal. If you look at the ground, it seams to have the light tiles textured as in the Saturn version. Also, the Ring Counter is (unlike most Sonic games) bottom left not top left.
Sun Tan
The Title Screen underwent a lot of small changes and the earliest version seen of this title screen was the E3 Demo. First, the background was more like the Saturn background with a style effect and the colours overall where much brighter. The 'Blast' sub-title was replaced with a bit saying it was the E3 demo. It might be a bit hard to see but not only has Sonic lighter skin but the angle is a little difference, proving this was rendered from a 3D model (as used in the Movie Clips on back MegaDrive and Saturn Versions). The Outer ring is much smaller. The biggest changes are probably the flickies. The Blue one has much bigger eyes and is looking at Sonic, more then away from Sonic. The Green one has bigger eyes and they are more open, it's side 'strangers' of hair aren't there and it's top knot is more brushy and bigger then the final version. The Red one again has bigger eyes, the 'spikey hair is smaller and it's back front wing appears bigger as it is more visible then the final version. The biggest change for them is the Pink one. It's eyes are much bigger, no Ires colour, much more pink then purple. It's back tail feathers are much closer together and it's side ponytails are bigger and more in one piece then the final version which are in a lot of tuffs.
Smash hit!
The SEGA Logo appeared much different on the E3 Demo of Sonic 3D then in the final version. The Appearance animation was the same but it then say 'SEGA' in the Sonic 2 'Classic' way (Not the rushed American advert way). The screen was then smashed like glass with a Sonic 2 like Smashing Sound Effect (making it sound more like Rock then Glass).
All alone
The E3 demo has most of the Levels being the same as the final version BUT in the first act of Green Grove, it is clear that the small grove where Knuckles should be isn't there at all. In fact, Knuckles Nor Tails is anywhere in the game but that was probably due to them not being finished by this point. It is unknown if the area was missing because no Knuckles or not. It is also worth noting the Cannon that fires you to this area, still looks to be in the same place but you land here where there is no grove.
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