Scrap Brain Zone
Location- South Island
The Scrap Brain Zone is a prime example of Robotnik's effect on the landscape. The Whole zone is one large smoke filled factory, where all the sunlight is blocked from the sky. It appears to have been constructed on top of the Labyrinth zone. During Robotnik's first attack, he had his Lab in the heart of the Zone (S1MD), but on the Second attack, he located his Sky base ship above the zone (S1GG/MS)
Games Appearing in-
Sonic 1 (MD, MS, GG), Sonic Drift (GG)
~ The last act appears to be just the same as the Labyrinth Zone
~ For the sake of timeline keeping, we have placed Sonic 1 (GG/MS) as happening AFTER Sonic 1 (MD)
Animals found Here-
Chicken, Rabbit
Image from- Sonic 1 (MD)