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Image: Tails Front View updated
I've got a few things more on my plate right now so this is kinda having to take more of a back burner then i would like but the above image shows the old TSW Tails front view model compared to the new one. basiclly, new hands, alot of recolouring and detail in colouring, and a whole new shade ^_^ Just to show you guys something which is related to one thing i'm working on which should be pretty good.
Posted on 10 May 2011 by Manic Man
there has been some lack of TSW news and stuff, but as well with some TESP changes, there should be some TSW changes.. anyway.. right now, i've posted a bit on the message board which includes a look at the new MUCh improved Amy Rose Model! A preview (with the new one hidden will be displayed.. erm.. right here!

And here is the topic if you wish to comment ^_^ I hope people decide to help become active.. if only in support..

Message Board

Of course.. you can see the link to the post at the top of his page.. probebly ^_^

Hope you like it!
Posted on 07 May 2010 by Manic Man
TSW is in a bit of a depression.. well, it's more me.. For some reason, since my Harddrive crashed and i lost everything from between august 2008-to-May 2009, my depression has been.. well, not major but deep down i just can't get into things.. but that's a side note really and not really something to worry about.. I'm not going anywhere..<br /><br />The problem is, TSW isn't either.. With most of the voice cast just up and dispearing without trace and some people saying that will or might help and not coming through, there has been some problems. At the Moment, i will tell you 100% why the next Episode of TSWA isn't out yet.<br /><br />Tikal! A Major character for the Episode and we don't have a voice for her. So far, she has appeared in two episodes and both times with a different VA.. And at the moment, we don't have one for her. Other major roles are lacking too but most male roles can be dealt with and i hope to deal with a couple of female roles soon.. which basicly means i MIGHT be able to get someone to do Tikal but it would end up with about 2 girls doing all female roles.. tricky.<br /><br />TSW X-treme .... i kinda don't want to talk about right now. In them last months, i worked on a whole new and great engine, a fantastic script controlled in-game cutscene engine too.. I have lost all that. I'm very close to just either releasing an old engine version of the game or just putting all the cutscenes and what has been done together and releasing that.. Trying to do all this on my own is a job.. Well, if i can get into it, i might be able to get something right... but for now, its in the can.<br /><br />TSW- Whirlwind's Story<br />It's IN Production! Problem is, at the moment it's a case of getting people to do their lines.. I won't go into them problems right now but it IS in production! that's good news<br /><br />TSW comic<br />hee.. Well.. It's just will power again.. The one Mini-series i have been working on (but then gave up for a long time) which is floating between Mini-series and Big special is still slowly moveing.. I will say so far, i think i'm about half way down and that's page 25. It looks great and should be good when it comes out.<br /><br />TSW Audios- Most are on hold due to cast problems and stuff, but i wanna look into a couple of things which should help speed stuff up no problem. I just need to check something for someone..<br /><br />This has been another status report.. Wanna help? Simple.. Look at the Contact page, you can see e-mail addresses to contact people or their is a simple contact form to fill in ^_^
Posted on 24 Aug 2009 by Manic Man
TSW Seams a bit dead at the moment doesn't it? well.. there are things going on but we have a few major problems. One of Major-ish cast member has left without saying anything & one female member is unable to record for the forseable future. Where does this leave us? well.. Right now, we about 3 comfirmed cast members. There are a few people who have kinda come forward for some roles if/when needed but this still leaves us in some problems.. One major person we need at the moment, is a female to fill in a number of roles. The Main Female role that needs to be cast is Tikal. Other roles would be then mostly one-offs unless needs araise and even then, i would ASK if you can do more, Not tell. We are fan based and small time so we can't order anyone about even if we wanted to ^_^<br /><br />Anyway.. All you need to be able to do is read a script and record into a microphone. If would be good if you have some level of being able to act (but far from being needed ¬_¬) and you should have access to a good microphone, i'm afraid a moblie phone might not be good enought (though, if you wanna try, go ahead).<br /><br />Please seam samples if you are intrested to the normal address of "" Samples only need to be you talking and showing off some stills for a bit. Thank you
Posted on 24 Jul 2009 by Manic Man
To be Fairly Brief, TSW is a fan series based party on 'Sonic the Hedgehog' (SatAM) Animated series but mostly creating a whole new world. The Stories are told via Animated Episodes and Audio Stories, with the odd Comic and such like.<br /><br />You can view and start enjoying TSW via a number of means, either the banner, on the front news page, Via the far right menu 'TSW Series', or via it's direct site address of<br /><br />We aren't as good as big time companies but you need to remember, that at the ultimate heart of TSW, is me. One person doing all the writing, production, editing etc. Help is wanted (but mostly as Voices for animation and audios). There are alot of Sonic fan projects which aren't as good as TSW, and they do a lot better then we do. We try our best. All the help is the best.<br /><br />We are currently working on a few audio stories and animated episodes but these take time and we all have other things in life to do. So if you can help by just lending your voice, all you need is a mic (which is fairly cheap) and a computer. You don't even really need to be an amazing actor as we are only a free fan project, though the better you are, the better for the team ^_^
Posted on 31 Mar 2009 by Manic Man
The next TSW Story has been in production and after e-mailing around the our 'staff' for voices, i am having to do this here. We are currenlty looking to fill 5 roles, 3 female, 2 Male. I don't want to go into too many details here but the roles up are:<br /><br />Lady Sto-Bone :- Mother of the Family, Stuck up Rich woman. Lords over the place, but is fairly helpful in her way.<br />Test Line -"Mind your Manners, dear, it is not lady like to act in such a way in front of guests."<br /> <br />Miss Emily Sto-Bone :- Young (about 16) girl. Brought up with the finest things in the world and thinks of almost everyone as a servant that is way below her status. Dislikes anyone that she feels doesn't know there place.<br />Test Line -"I shall act how i like in front of Whom i like in MY House. I shall see you for Tea later, Mother."<br /> <br />Master Basil Sto-Bone :- Playboy firt. A bit older then his sister (22), Enjoys the 'fun' of getting any women to do what he likes... so not really the best of people around. Rich and Knows it.<br />Test Line -"Sure.. anything for a pretty girl like yourself."<br /> <br />The Waiter :- old Family Waiter (NOT Bulter) that does most of the tasks around the house.. as if he was the Bulter. Puts up with the Family for some unknown reason (like most Bulters seam to)<br />Test Line -"It's not my place to say anything out of place, Ma'am, but..."<br /> <br />Jenny, The Maid :- about the same age as Phoebe, Jenny appears to take the advances from the Master with good humour but never lets him get anywhere and is really getting fed up with things. <br />Test Line -"What i am about to say, shouldn't leave this room okay?"<br /><br />It's a Phoebe Nett story entitled 'The Mystery of Sto-Bone House'. If you wish to sign up for one of the above roles, Please e-mail me at "" and if possible, please record the Test Line for the role. If you wish to do any other role or have no role in mind but want to help out for Voicing or something (We are pretty fine for Writers) then E-mail that address with information and maybe an example or two of what you can do. <br /><br />Thank You!
Posted on 07 Mar 2009 by Manic Man
Can it be? Yes it is! TSWA Episode 4- The Coming of Ai is out now! I know it's a little late but i got back from Oxford and just had a chance to do this now.<br /><br />Swatbots are found destoried in the Great Forest near Knothole and a strange girl is found, Are the two related? and is this girl Friend or Foe?<br /><br />Also added basic 'In production' information for Ep 5.<br />Enjoy!
Posted on 01 Mar 2009 by Manic Man
WE STILL NEED A TAILS! We got an episode Almost ready for release and one of the main things delaying it is the lack of a Tails! Can someone help out?
Posted on 27 Oct 2008 by Manic Man
Miles "Tails" Prower.<br />Western Sonic items appear less happy with using the name 'Miles Prower' then Japanese items. Alot of the Japanese Toys and Games will use 'Miles' more then Tails. Notice the Backgrounds in Sonic 2 (like the soundtest) which have the words "Sonic and Miles" when "Sonic and Tails" would have been as easy. However, the Nickname is still treated as the more common use name as in the games 'Sonic & Tails'. If you look at the US Genesis Sonic 2, it goes on about 'Sonic & "Tails"' more then 'Sonic & Miles' yet the name Miles is downplayed. In AOSTH, Tails didn't like his real name of Miles and it was only said in about 3 episodes. In SatAM, it was never used, but still likey to be his real name.<br /><br />TSW is looking STILL for someone to play Miles "Tails" Prower. Come on guys! and Gals!
Posted on 05 Oct 2008 by Manic Man
In the world to today, many animals are in dire need caused by human's. Poor Animals like Young Miles Prower are left without voices.<br />Please be kind, give a voice today!<br /><br />okay.. am getting fed up with this.. simple as that really ¬_¬
Posted on 20 Sep 2008 by Manic Man
In the words of AOSTH Sonic 'Have you seen a two Tailed fox?'<br /><br />problem is for TSW, at the moment, the wiseman's words are true 'There is no such thing as a Two Tailed Fox.'. Meaning? We are Still looking for someone to play the Role of Miles 'Tails' Prower.<br />I don't care if you are Male or Female. Sound like AOSTH Tails, SatAM Tails, OVA Tails (but not so much Neo Tails). Oh and if anyone says OVA tails sounded too much like he had a cold, So did AOSTH Tails ^_^. anyway.. we still want a Tails!<br />Please Contact us ASAP before we have to do something... unthinkable (like me having to try... no way!)
Posted on 14 Sep 2008 by Manic Man
Still and REALLY Looking for someone for Tails.. look, you don't have to be male! I have been let down by a number of people for this and i know this is short notice but still... if i can't get this role casted and an intresting role to come probbly won't get cast that well -_- boy, that would be bad.<br /><br />So come on, Help out! Anyone?
Posted on 05 Sep 2008 by Manic Man
Right at the moment, we are in need of someone willing to take on the small role (currently small) of Miles Prower AKA 'Tails', in TSW. Contacting me with a sample would be nice as soon as possible.<br /><br />Thank you, back to your regular work ^_^
Posted on 30 Aug 2008 by Manic Man
Updated the TSW Character Profiles to include the Twins. Also small update to relex the leaving of PinkkFox.<br /><br />Oh and PLEASE Remember that Character Profiles may content Spoilers. It would be best to listern to the stories FIRST before looking for Background Information on the Characters. Any thing really important should be in the stories somewhere right? or to come.
Posted on 25 Aug 2008 by Manic Man
We regret to say Good bye to PinkkFox.<br /><br />Though she is fairly new to the team, she has done good work as Tikal in TSWA Ep 3 "Thief - Part 2" and the Twins in "Best Left Burried". But due to College starting in September and problems with being able to Record, she has informed me we has to take her leave.<br />We hope she does well and hope she enjoys TSW inbetween Studying.<br /><br />This means the Role of Tikal is yet again up for grabs. I haven't yet gotten a contact form made up so if you are intrested in trying for the role or any other (or even if you wish to help out but don't yet have a role in mind) please contact me at ManicMan8 (at) Hotmail (dot) com. Information on gender and some sample clips would be nice.
Posted on 23 Aug 2008 by Manic Man
Time for a quick report on what is going on in TSW today!<br /><br />TSW X-treme:- Please.. i have no clue right now. I worked on a new engine but a mix of things are getting in the way and trying to do all this on my own without even much of a sounding board person is a bit of a pain. I really want this game to happen at some point, mostly because of story reasons i guess.<br /><br />TSWA:- Episode 4 is currently in production and i already have some of the voices in and getting put into the animation of the episode. It should be a good one and i will probbly release the poster for it soon ^_^<br /><br />TSW Audio:- This is a big section right now that i probbly should cut up into two smaller sections-<br /><br />S1. Whirlwind's Story- Whirlwind's Story should really be coming together. The cast is all ready and should be recording lines as i write this.. if not, why aren't you recording your lines? I will tell you guys what i might have before, Whirlwind's Story is a 3 Part Audio and each part should be atlest 30 mins making a nice 1 hour 30 length. That is sure to go down nice and Bluedude seams happy that his work is finally happening.. even if i have put alot of work into it to get it this far.<br /><br />S2. Others- After "Best Left Burried" was release, you will notice the cover for the next one is up. "Mystery of Sto-Bone house" will not be out for a while. It will probbly be released Duing Whirlwind's Story or maybe after. If it is after then you probbly can't expect it before next year but i really hope this isn't the case as we are trying to step up production two a story once every couple of months. I would like 1 a month but we don't get paid for this! The Kitty is whatever i have in my pocket at the time and that isn't much. Not that we need much money. As long as everyone has working mics and recording programs (i use and suggest nice free ones anyway) everything just comes down to people who are around to help and time. After MoSBH, tricky. I was working on an Amy Rose story but i doubt the version (as i have currently wrote) will be any good. It's very dull and long and it's only partly writen -_-. There should be more Phoebe Nett storys in the future as well as some more Mighty and Ray ones carrying on the story that was left on kind of a clift hanger in "Project Omega".<br /><br />TSW Verki:- Currently Verki has been dropped with no new stories planned. I was wondering how to deal with the Gully Freedom Fighters and finish off that story but it does tie in with other projects so everything needs to be working on the right level really. Thoughs of remaking the Gully Freedom Fighters storys and expanding and completing them as Audios has appeared but i don't like to redo old storys that are still good when there are new storys to come.<br /><br />Comics:- Ah.. something of intrest here but i can't say much about it at all.. Partly for reasons of not wanting to let too much information out when i shouldn't, but partly because i don't really know what is going on.. Would you believe that someone else is really handing something? Wow really ^_^<br /><br />Anything Else:- is there anything else going on? am not too sure... probbly best to say at this moment, no. Nothing else is really going on and we don't need to have more things added to our books then we already have. Thoughts of the old TSW Card game i kept trying to make (even had an okay working online version but problems turned up) turn up but i doubt much is going to happen. Currently the only way of making it are either a game of Top Trumps (1-Player vs Computer and maybe printable) or some way of working out how the hell i can make this work.. But you are more likey to see flash printable TSW Trading cards in the near future but then, don't hold your breath waiting for them.
Posted on 12 Aug 2008 by Manic Man
TSW Audio Story 'Best Left Burried' has been released and, of course, you can find it in the TSW Audio section under 'Episodes'.<br /><br />Thanks to all those that worked on it and ..well.. that's it really.<br />To remind you all, this one has a rating of 12 which means you shouldn't really listern if you are under that age but.. well.. use your brain.<br /><br />Also updated a small bit of information on the next Audio which won't be for a while since there are a couple of tings that come first ^_^<br /><br />Enjoy!
Posted on 03 Aug 2008 by Manic Man
Best Left Burried is now comfirmed to be released on the 3rd of August 2008. The reason it is NOT this month is because i lost track of the days. I though the up coming Sunday was this month.. but it's 3 days off.. Oh Well ^_^
Posted on 29 Jul 2008 by Manic Man
We at TSW are very strick when it comes to Ratings. I check all TSW Storys with a rating guide which, well, it's mostly for films but it's a good enought guide line as far as i care ^_^<br />Now, ALL TSW Stories should be around a PG rating, but that being said, they are some changes, we should never do a story that can only be watched or listerned to or anything by people over the age of 13. You will notice that most TSW Stuff does have a PG Rating symbol. Mostly this appears on Covers and Posters and such like. Now, on to the matter at hand.<br /><br />We, and this isn't just me, had decided that due to it's nature, the upcoming Audio story 'Best Left Burried' is being raised from a PG to a 12. Funny, this means it's the most 'adult' story we have done. The main reason for this change to the level of 'horror' in the story. It's basicly too high for PG and no chance is it a 15.. So it has been decided by reviewing the story and the ratings guidelines that 12 is a good and okay rating. Image will be updated soon. Oh and yes, this does mean stay turned for news on this project pretty soon.
Posted on 25 Jul 2008 by Manic Man
Well.. It is a bit of a dull time at the moment. I think some things are running a little late, some are okay ^_^ well.. all in all, nothing that has a set deadline is really running late.. So let's do a quick bit on what's where..<br /><br />TSW X-treme-<br />oh god.. I REALLY Want this to happen since it's got some major good points and story points that really should effect TSW.. but after not being impressed with the old one, i decide to remake it.. it's going okay but am just not putting as much work on it as i should.. probbly because this is a first try of remaking the engine. oh well.. with luck something will happen with this at some point..<br /><br />TSWA-<br />Next episode has gone into voical production now. So that's on track.. and no, am not gonna say for when just yet.<br /><br />TSW Audio-<br />'Best Left Burried' is on track for a release later this month. That's a good thing and i should have a bit more information on this soon. The other audios.. well, one at a time -_-;<br /><br />What else? am not sure.. the one project i was working on.. has kinda died for the time being since it got trapped within a few things going on which is creating a small problem.. it might end up changing art style half way though it... but i won't go on much about this.. I don't think there is much else to talk about.. Oh and there is a project which i can't say much about for a number of reasons and i don't wanna say much until i see what is going on.. heh..<br /><br />Oh well.. so...that's what is going on.. TSW is going pretty okay, i just hoped there was more intrest in it.. oh well.
Posted on 02 Jul 2008 by Manic Man

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