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Story taken from 'Comic' Draft written by Michael Kosaka. Story form by Manic Man
Evening, Sonic is looking though Binoculars at the scenery. From a top a hill, he pulls them down. "Bummer" he says, "No sign of Swat-bots here. Looks like another False Alarm." Sonic picks up speed, "Guess its time to book home for Some serious chow". Meanwhile, At Knothole, Antoine, Bunnie, Sally & Tails are waiting a computer screen carefully.
"There it is again, Bunnie!" Says Sally. "You're right, Sally. There is something strange going on in the core dio-processing computer!" Bunnie replies.
"What's going on, Sally?" asks Tails.
"I've been doing a standard Level six monitoring of Robotnik's CDP Computer. You know, it's his routine maintenance and Support System." Sally answers, "And every time I scan through this particular sector of systems protocol, I get back these series of numbers!"
"Sacre Bleu!" Antoine replies, "What can this be?"
"Looks like Gibberish to me." Tails says, looking at the numbers.
"I don't think so, Tails" Bunnie said, "It's a repeating set of numbers that actually seems to respond to Sally's scan."
Unknown to the group, a Security Orb bot glides ever closer to there location.
"Nicole," Sally said, flipping up her Personal Computer, "Interpret these series of Numbers."
"WORKING..." Nicole replied.
"Perhaps this is some kind of warning sign?" Antoine said.
"Yeah," Tails agreed, "Like 'Keep Out.'"
"Could be, guys." Sally said, "Let's see what Nicole Comes up with..."
As the translation appears on the screen Sally stars in shock. "Oh, My Gosh!"
The Vid screen's readout has transformed into a series of words, repeated over and over 'Please Help Us.'

Else where in the Great Forest, Sonic is zooming around towards Knothole. "Another Security Alert from the badlands sector that didn't pan out." Sonic sighed, "Man, all this runnin' around just makes me late for dinner."
He comes to a stretchingg stop as he gets to knothole, and the place is in a complete mess.
"Jumpin' Bejeezers!" he shouts, "What happened to Knothole!?!". He starts looking around, calling. "Tails?! Sal?! You guys alright?!" He gets no reply, "Bunnie? Ant? Where are you?!"
As Sonic moves around the area, he finds something on the floor. "Hmmm what's this??" he says picking it up. As he does, the Micro Hologram Transceiver turns on and the Face of Dr Robotnik appears.
"Tis, tis, Sorry we missed you, Sludgehog... It seams my Ravderbots decided to have their little party without you. But don't worry, your friends were most gracious hosts..."
"Chuck the chat, Ro-butt-nik. Where's Tails, Sal and the Rest?!" Sonic said, annoyed, "It you've hurt them in any way, Man, I'll take you apart, Bolt by despircable bolt."
"My Dear Moronic Sonic, You are hardly in a position to make threats, Why, in fact, you are superfluous to my needs. Without your band of Do-gooders, you may as well go stuff chilli dogs till you drop."
"Listen here, Butt-nik. If you think I'm." "Taa taa, Hedgehog" Robotnik cuts off the hologram, leaving sonic standing there fuming.

At Robotnik's Lair, he smiles. "Excellent. Excellent." he says, "With these last adjustments, another chapter in Mobius History will be made tonight!" He turns to look at the Freedom Fighters held next to him, "And you, my dear friends, will help share in my latest and greatest triumph!"
"You're dreamin', Robotnik" Sally says, "No way any of us would ever help you."
"Au contraire, Princess. You see? Everything is going quite according to plan.." as Robotnik says this, a small red light flashings next to the label 'Perimeter Alarm'.

Sonic rushs though Robotroplis and slows to a stop by a set of large security Doors which stand ajar.
"Something about this stinks like last weeks sardine stew.." Sonic says, standing in front of the doors. "If I were paranoid, I'd say this was a perfect place for a..." Unknown to home a series of Swat-bots appear behind him and move close.
"TRAP!" Sonic shouts, turning around to see the large Metal creatures standing there, aiming there guns at him.
"Sorry, Guys" Sonic replied, "But I ain't got the time to talk over old times!" He revved up, "I gotta Juice!". He span into a ball and in a puff of Smoke and Laser Fire, the Swat-botsss are turned into junk.
"Gheez, Dudes, Don't go to pieces over little ol' me."
He furtheopeneded the already open doors and entered into the darker lair. "Heck, if I weren't so good, I'd say this was too easy..." Sonic said to himself. He got to the elevator and the doors opened. After walking in, he looks at the control panel.
"Hmm, what have we got here.." he said reading down the list of floors until he found what he was looking for. "Here we go!" He pressed the button for the Prison Cells.
When the elevator got to the right floor, the doors opened and Sonic exited. Looking around the Prison complex, it seamed completely empty. "Yo! Butt-Meister! What's shakin'?!"
He notices a small monitor, "What's this?" he says reading the screen.
'-VR1 Program Running
-VRobotnik World
-Percentage Complete: 91%'
as he watches, it flips to 92%.

"I sure could use Sal about now." Sonic said, "Oh, well. When in Doubt, Hit the ol' Return Key.."
He pressed a button and the readout changed.
'-Lifeform Transmissions: 5
-Ready for Next Transfer_'
"Seems the Butt-nik has taken the crew for a ride." Sonic said.
"Well, I'm gettin' Nowhere fast Just standin' here" Running father along, he finds something looking like a transportation platform. he jumps on and stands there. "Hmm.. No Comprende, Senor"
Still standing there he waits.
"It could be outta Juice. Maybe, I should tr..." Just then a beam shoots down, "Yyyiii!!!" Yelled Sonic. He started to faded as the machine buzzes.

From:- Storyboard Draft
Each of the 6 levels are cut up into 3 Acts, with the 3rd Act having the Boss fight
1) King's Gambit Zone
1) King's Gambit Zone
2) Ice Breaker Zone
2) Ice Breaker Zone
3) Fat Tuesday Zone
3) Fat Tuesday Zone
4) Dream Weave Zone
4) Dream Weave Zone
5) Cryptic Grotto Zone
5) Cryptic Grotto Zone
6) Core Memory Zone
6) Core Memory Zone
Special Stage
Special Stage
Bonus Stage
Bonus Stage
Boss Guide
Sonic The Hedgehog (On Mars) Concept Demo Test 1
Sonic The Hedgehog (On Mars) Concept Demo Test 2
* This was a concept for a Game which after it was canned, bits were re-used for Sonic X-treme. Should NOT be confused with Sonic X-treme however. While Sonic X-treme was meant for the Saturn, this was meant for the 32X.
* The Game was probably going to be called 'Sonic the Hedgehog' or another name when released as 'Sonic on Mars' was just saying that platform (Mars was the codename for the 32X) However, the MegaCD Sonic game kept the name saying it's console (Sonic CD) so it was possible it was going to keep the name.
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