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Sonic & Knuckles US CaseSonic & Knuckles UK CaseSonic & Knuckles JP Case
Sonic & Knuckles
Sonic Team & SEGA Technical Institute
Japan-18 October 1994
Europe-? November 1994
United States-18 October 1994
2D Platformer & Lock-on Cartage
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Sonic The Hedgehog
Miles ` Tails ` Prower
Knuckles the Echidna
Dr Robotnik [Dr Eggman]
Metal Sonic Mk2
Super Sonic
European & American
Save Floating Island!
The last time Sonic and Robotnik when head-to-head, Sonic blasted Robotnik's Death Egg to smithereens. The explosion heaved Sonic deep into Floating Island's Mushroom Hills!

Sonic knows that many Emeralds, including the Master Emerald, are hidden somewhere on Floating Island. He bets the Knuckles character knows where they are! Sonic can't let Robotnik get his hands on the Master Emerald. He'd have Death Egg fuel forever - and Floating Island would be destroyed!

Now Sonic's got two problems. How to protect the Master Emerald? And how to keep Knuckles off his back? He'll have to deal with that wild echidna right away!

Knuckles has problems, too. As Guardian of Floating Island and all the Emeralds, Knuckles has a mission - to wage war on all invaders. Whoever threw that bomb is in DEEP trouble. Knuckles is ready with tricks, traps and bare-fisted attacks to keep Floating Island sage.

Sonic's not taking any changes. Neither is Knuckles! But while they're going the rounds with each other, who's stopping Dr. Robotnik? Could this be the end of Floating Island?
From:- UK & US Manuals
Having had its relaunch interrupted by the efforts of Sonic and Tails (the events of Sonic 3), the Death Egg plummets back down onto the mysterious island from whence it came. The enormous aerial base crash lands, conveniently enough, on the peak of an active volcano. Sonic and Tails, meanwhile, land safely in a lush mushroom forest deep in the island's interior. Shortly after his descent to terra firma, Sonic notices the island's guardian and all-purpose troublemaker, Knuckles the Echidna, sneak out of a hidden thicket. Curiosity piqued, Sonic investigates the thicket and finds a giant, multi-coloured Super Ring. He leaps in and finds himself whisked away to a massive underground cavern. In the centre of the cavern lies an intricately detailed and remarkably well-preserved ruin: the Chaos Emerald altar. In the middle of the altar lies a humongous green jewel - none other than the Master Emerald, the legendary "stone of power" that destroyed the echidna civilization. As Sonic gazes in awe at the beautiful gem, the seven Chaos Emeralds are whisked from his grasp by an unseen force. The Emeralds oscillate violently in mid-air and, with a blinding flash, return to their pedestals around the Master Emerald.

The relentless Dr. Eggman, meanwhile, has once again evaded fate and is pleased to discover that the Death Egg is not too badly damaged. He has plans for one last ditch effort to get the machine back into operation, and that fabled Master Emerald should do the trick...

Knuckles is left with the task of rescuing the recovered Master Emerald from the relentless pursuit of a rogue Eggrobo (or perhaps several Eggrobos).
From:- Japanese Manual (Translated)
Each Level is cut up into 2 Acts Apart from Hidden Palace, Sky Sanctuary and Doomsday which each have 1 Act. Followed Sonic 3 in having a Mini Boss fight for Act 1 and the Main Boss fight for Act 2.
1) Mushroom Hill Zone
1) Mushroom Hill Zone
2) Flying Battery Zone
2) Flying Battery Zone
3) Sandopolis Zone
3) Sandopolis Zone
4) Lava Reef Zone
4) Lava Reef Zone
5) Hidden Palace Zone
5) Hidden Palace Zone
6) Sky Sanctuary Zone
6) Sky Sanctuary Zone
7) Death Egg Zone
7) Death Egg Zone
8) Doomsday Zone
8) Doomsday Zone
Special Stage
Special Stage
Bonus Stage - 1
Bonus Stage - 1
Bonus Stage - 2
Bonus Stage - 2
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Boss Guide
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Get a Box- When the Sign post starts to fall down and you can bounce it around a bit, press down to duck right under it. It will do a small bounce and give you a box every time.
Game Genie Codes
RegionCheat NameCode
AmericanStart with 1 Life AFKT-AAG0
AmericanStart with 2 Lives AKKT-AAG0
AmericanStart with 4 Lives AVKT-AAG0
AmericanStart with 5 Lives AZKT-AAG0
AmericanStart with 7 Lives A7KT-AAG0
AmericanStart with 9 Lives BFKT-AAG0
AmericanStart with 25 Lives DFKY-AAG0
AmericanStart with 50 Lives GKKT-AAG0
AmericanStart with 99 Lives NPKT-AAG0
AmericanInfinite Lives K2WA-CA4J
AmericanNo Ring Loss AWXT-CA4C
AmericanInfinite Time HXRT-AA6A
AmericanKeep Shields when Hit 96BA-CAG6
AmericanKeep Shields when Hit 98MA-CAF0
AmericanKeep Rings between Levels AKVT-AA76
AmericanKeep Rings between Levels AMNA-EA24
AmericanInfinite Time on Power Sneakers ATGT-CA3Y
AmericanSonic Always Double Jumps RENT-C6YA
AmericanSonic Always uses FireDash RENT-C6V6
American1 Blue Sphere to get Emerald RGSA-A6YY
AmericanSonic Jumps as high as Knuckles AANA-CNA0
AmericanHigh Jump for Sonic 4ANA-CRA0
AmericanSuper Jump for Sonic 2ANA-CWA0
AmericanMega Jump for Sonic AANA-C4A0
AmericanOrbital Jump for Sonic AANA-DYA0
AmericanKnuckles jumps as High as Sonic TB5T-CNCR
AmericanHigh Jump for Knuckles PV5T-CRCR
AmericanSuper Jump for Knuckles AB5T-CWCR
AmericanMega Jump for Knuckles AB5T-C2CR
AmericanOrbital Jump for Knuckles AB5T-DTCR
AmericanRings Worth 2 in Special Stage ALNA-AACR
AmericanRings Worth 3 in Special Stage ARNA-AACR
AmericanRings Worth 4 in Special Stage AWNA-AACR
AmericanRings Worth 5 in Special Stage A0NA-AACR
AmericanRings Worth 10 in Special Stage BLNA-AACR
American6 Emeralds to become Super Sonic A2NT-CAG6
American5 Emeralds to become Super Sonic AYNT-CAG6
American4 Emeralds to become Super Sonic ATNT-CAG6
American3 Emeralds to become Super Sonic ANNT-CAG6
American2 Emeralds to become Super Sonic AJNT-CAG6
American1 Emerald to become Super Sonic AENT-CAG6
AmericanNo Emeralds to become Super Sonic AANT-CAG6
American100 Rings to turn Super Sonic NTNT-CAHL
American40 Rings to turn Super Sonic FANT-CAHL
American25 Rings to turn Super Sonic DENT-CAHL
American10 Rings to turn Super Sonic BJNT-CAHL
American1 Ring to Become Super Sonic AENT-CAHL
AmericanNo Emeralds to become Hyper Sonic AANT-CAGY
AmericanNo Emeralds to become Hyper Sonic AAPA-CAB8
AmericanNo Ring Loss as Super/Hyper NTPT-CA50
AmericanEvery StarPost activates Bonus Stage RHJA-E60L
AmericanAlways Slot Machine Stage BXLA-EA5G
AmericanAlways Glowing Spheres Stage A5LA-EA5G
American6 Emeralds to become Super Knuckles A36A-CACW
American5 Emeralds to become Super Knuckles AZ6A-CACW
American4 Emeralds to become Super Knuckles AV6A-CACW
American3 Emeralds to become Super Knuckles AP6A-CACW
American2 Emeralds to become Super Knuckles AK6A-CACW
American1 Emerald to become Super Knuckles AF6A-CACW
AmericanNo Emeralds to Become Super Knuckles AB6A-CACW
American100 Rings to turn Super Knuckles NV6A-CADA
American40 Rings to turn Super Knuckles FB6A-CADA
American25 Rings to turn Super Knuckles DF6A-CADA
American10 Rings to turn Super Knuckles BK6A-CADA
American1 Ring to Become Super Knuckles AF6A-CADA
AmericanNo Emeralds to Become Hyper Knuckles AB6A-CACL
AmericanNo Emeralds to Become Hyper Knuckles AB6A-CAHR
AmericanInfinite Air ACCT-CA2R
* Due to Time and Size, Some Levels were Removed from Sonic 3 and put into this game.
* It is made to lock-on to another Cartage so you can play the Complete Sonic 3 OR Sonic 2 with Knuckles as the Main Character. If you locked-on to anotherGame, you were giving Sonic 3 Style Special Stages as a Mini-game.
* The Metal Sonic in this game is often rrefereedto as Mk2, and is NOT the main one as seen in Sonic CD.
Other Releases
Release date:- 20/10/94?
Area:- Australia
Company:- Sega
* Sega Platinum Collection release
The Lost Features
Knuckles in Sonic The Hedgehog!
Two Different 'review' articles of the up coming Sonic and Knuckles game had said that one of the things it could do (since it was added to make the game larger) was Plug in and let you play as Knuckles in not only Sonic 2 but in Sonic 1 as well. One US mag even did a mock-up image to show it.. well, As we all know, in the End, this never was part of the game. It could only lock on to Sonic 2 in this way. No ideas on why they cut the Sonic 1 bit, maybe they found out it wasn't as easy as it was for Sonic 2. Either way, it's a shame but this feature was Removed. Mock Up by Manic Man
Lava Reef in the Reef
In an early Build (while SnK and Sonic 3 were still one game) the second act of Lava Reef carried on the Colour setup while in the final build, the colours change to be Hidden Palace Colours.
In an early Build (while SnK and Sonic 3 were still one game) the start of the Lava Reef act was a little harder as not only did you have to climb some steps and dodge fire balls but falling spikes too! It was probably removed for being a little too tricky for the start of the level and the fire balls were enough.
Death Egg Holo
This Sprite was found inside the Sonic 3 Complete/ SnK game and appears to be a 3D Image of the Death Egg found inside the Death Egg itself. Not much is known about it other then that, though it is possible it is from a different level
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