1x54 - Robotnik Land
Writer(s) Name:-
Jeffrey Scott
First Aired:-
25 November 1993 (USA)
Episode Synopsis:-
Tails is getting Sonic's Birthday Party Ready when a Mouse gives Sonic a ticket to Mobuis Land! Believing that is where the party will be, Sonic goes only to find himself in Robotnik's own Trap fill park, Robotnikland.
Sonic Say Segment:-
"Don't cook or use an Oven without a parent around"
International Name~ Robotnikland [French]
Characters In this episode
* This is Sonic's Second Birthday. There is about 15 Episodes between them and seams unlikely that a year has pasted in that time.
* The guest list for Sonic's Surprise party is pretty odd choice on the part of Tails, they are: Leo the Leopard (Babysitter Jitters), Ms Possum (Magnificent Sonic), Cleaver Beaver (Babysitter Jitters), Beach Bunny (Prehistoric Sonic), A female Elephant (Super Robotnik), A Background Guy (a number of background roles in a number of Episodes), Harry the Hucker [Though almost with a Orange Head] (Mystery of the Missing Hi-Tops), Professor CanineStein (All four Quest of the Chaos Emeralds Story) & the Director of the Mobuis Mint (The Magic Hassle). There also appears to be some kind of Aqua Bear in one shot.
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